BOUDOIR - bou·doir


  1. a woman's bedroom or private room.

Need a priceless gift to give your fiancé/spouse as a gift? Look no further than the latest craze - a boudoir session. Waiting to lose those perpetual 5, 10, or 15 pounds? DON’T. We will work together and pose you in ways that will flatter your individual body type.


In photography, boudoir is a style in which women pose for photographs partially clothed or in lingerie. The photos are tasteful and nudity is typically implied rather than explicit. They are sensual and sexy as well as classy and elegant. Photos and albums from boudoir shoots make excellent wedding day, anniversary, holiday and birthday gifts, with wedding gifts for the husband-to-be becoming extremely popular. These photos are also used as a way to document how great you look and feel about yourself at this given time.

Once you’ve decided to do a boudoir session, it’s time to choose the location. I have a room in my home with a chair and bed set up for different scenes and settings. If you don’t feel comfortable posing in my studio, you can always book a hotel room or choose another private location, like your master bedroom. A lot of the time, ladies need a little liquid courage to fuel up and gain a little courage for the boudoir shoot. I will offer you a drink if you are at my home and I recommend that if we do the shoot in your home that you have something to drink as well. Obviously this is a recommendation and not required by any means.

Show off your beauty. Do it for yourself.

Be pampered. Indulge.

There are many packages related to boudoir to choose from. There are also options for on-site hair and makeup that can be done at your location of choosing! The purpose of boudoir is to give you a day of pampering and just feeling sexy in your own skin. Your privacy is 100% protected and things will not be shared if you prefer. I also offer videography for boudoir sessions and would be happy to share samples, per your request.